What assets?

Many misplaced and non-disbursed assets are currently held by companies, local, county, state or federal governments. Ultimately they may be turned over and reported to the state or federal entity, as may be required by law.  These assets mainly come in the form of cash, but could be stock shares or other property. You may wonder why someone would not know that money is being held for them and how often this occurs.  There are various reasons as to why this happens.  Often, local and state agencies are not required to notify you. Too, it is not a payor’s responsibility to make sure that once a check is disbursed it actually gets deposited by the recipient. Likewise, money or property may belong to you as a heir or through other legal proceedings (defective products, class action suits or other cases) or perhaps you moved and the funds trustee was unable to locate you. Unfortunately, certain funds not claimed within the time designated by state laws may simply go to the government.  In those cases, it is forever lost to the rightful owner; that’s unfair, but it happens.  Don’t let it catastrophe be you! If you get a letter from us, take action by calling us and simply tell us – GET MY MONEY!

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