What are the steps involved to recover my properties?

The following steps outline the process involved to secure the return of your unclaimed funds:

Sign our Agreement and return an executed copy of it to us by fax, email, expedited carrier or regular mail.
Once we receive your signed Agreement, we will go into action to complete the research and the forms necessary to begin the claims process.
When the forms are complete, we’ll arrange for a qualified professional to assist you in signing the claims form and we confirm that all additional identification or other proof of ownership accompanies the claim forms. Our assistant will return those forms to us and we’ll submit them to the appropriate agency holding your funds.
With the required Agreement, the claims forms, and proof of identity, the holder will validate your claim and send your check directly to you.
With your money in hand, you complete our contract by sending us our fee for our services – having found and recovered your unclaimed funds from the proceeds you have already received. Never any money upfront and if there is no recovery, you pay no fee.

How did my funds become unclaimed?

Payments are often lost due to silly postal errors and/or outdated, inaccurate or incomplete mailing addresses. One digit off on a zip code may be all that it takes for your money to become undeliverable. Your funds may also have derived from a change in or misspelling of your name, or corporate mergers, acquisitions or closure. Too, you may have a distant relative that left you an inheritance that you knew nothing about, or an insurance payment, or you may be due a refund from a deposit your forgot. Often, the holders of your money are not motivated to locate the rightful owner because they benefit from keeping your property, earning interest from it. These agencies are often not required by law to even make an attempt to return your funds, and if so mandated, rely on ineffective web search engines or notices mailed to the same “undeliverable” address where previous attempts were made. Some agencies would rather keep these billion of dollars in their coffers than return your money.

How quickly will I receive my money?

It generally takes between 30 and 90 days to recover your funds after your completed claim forms are filed. This depends on the complexity of proving you are the rightful owner and upon the source of the funds. It may take less time, or it may take longer. We check with the issuing agency and advise you of any unusual delays or any request for additional information.

Why should I sign an agreement?

There is over four-hundred billion ($400,000,000,000) in unclaimed money in the United States, and even more worldwide. Each year billions of dollars become lost and unclaimed when banks, companies, and government agencies lose track of the true owner. It may take hours of research by experienced claim specialists to find these claims and match them to a rightful owner. These researchers incur expenses for offices and supplies, postage, telephone and internet costs, and other related claim recovery expenses, all with no money paid upfront. We ask that you honor our time and efforts in finding, analyzing and organizing this valuable information by signing our simple fee Agreement and returning it to us. We know the procedures necessary to claim your funds and have the holding agency send you a check promptly. Once you have your money, you send us a check to pay our fee.

Can I claim by funds without assistance?

If you knew the location of your funds, or even that this money existed, you probably would probably have already claimed them. Finding this lost money is no easy task, complicated by the fact that there is no central repository and the information about your funds may be kept in a different way by each independent agency. Reporting companies may operating from anywhere, including places you may never have lived or visited.

The service we offer is valuable because we are experienced, having developed techniques and resources to find assets like these many times. We provide you with a simple to follow procedure to assist you in collecting what is rightfully your money. If you have been contacted by us, we have completed extensive research to locate your funds, find you, and assist in reuniting you with your money. Our small fee is paid from the monies you receive, and no money is due if you don’t receive a check.

What is unclaimed property?

Unclaimed and dormant property consists of various types of intangible personal property upon which action that normally occurs has not taken place for a long time. These assets are then forwarded to a trustee to be held, sometimes for only a specified time, awaiting the rightful owner(s) to make claim. These assets may include:

Inactive or forgotten bank savings and checking accounts,
Unpaid bankruptcy claims
Uncashed wages, securities, dividends, insurance refunds or claims, or royalty checks,
Unredeemed or unexchanged stock or bond certificates
Utility refunds/deposits, bail bonds, and child support payments.
Uncashed tax refunds or other government checks.
Usually, this property is held by a custodial agency, in a cash account, awaiting your recovery claim.

How do holders know when to report unclaimed property?

The obligation to report and remit these funds is triggered when there has been no owner- generated activity for a specified period of time. This period of inactivity is referred to as a “dormancy period”.

Is there a deadline to recover my funds?

Whether or not there is a time limit depends on the source of the funds. As time passes, your funds may become increasingly difficult to claim. Some agencies have a stature of limitations after which your money becomes totally uncollectable. When this statute of limitations expires, these agencies are legally able to absorb your funds. Even when there is no deadline, it is best to act quickly because you are not only delaying the use of the money for important activities, and you are not earning interest. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to prove you are the same person named as the owner of the funds since you may lose previous identification showing acceptable information. The sooner you reclaim what is rightfully yours, the better!

What will this cost me?

You will owe us absolutely nothing unless and until you have received your payment. Only upon successful completion of the recovery process will we be due the percentage fee we both agreed upon within our mutual agreement. All normal expenses required for the recovery are borne by us*, without recourse to you. There are no advance payments, retainer fees or hidden fees of any kind. All our services, time, talent and efforts are free to you if there is no recovery, so you have no risk.

*Should the assets being recovered involve an estate or trust, this entity’s executor or trustee may need legal advice or assistance on procedures necessary to include the recovered funds in an open estate, or for reopening a closed estate, or managing the tax implications. The Money Locators can assist you in procuring excellent, qualified and reasonably-priced counsel if you do not currently have an attorney and usually these expenses can also be paid from the recovered funds. We are not responsible for any of your expenses for legal advice or services you may require.

Why did you contact me? How did you get my name and address?

From our research efforts, we determined that you are the rightful owner (or one of several rightful owners) entitled to recover certain valuable, dormant unclaimed assets.

Either one of our clients requested that we identify you and find your present whereabouts, or we found out about these unclaimed assets, on our own, during the normal course of our investigative business.

Our clients include, but are not limited to, insurance companies, corporations, attorneys, banks, trustees, and estate representatives.

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